Day 12

Kunci – Cultural Studies Center

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center is a non-profit and independent organization established in in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. KUNCI is working to create an Indonesian society that is culturally critical, open, and empowered. Its mission is to develop cultural studies with the spirit of experimentation and to advance its criticality into a wider movement through popular education practices.

Working Team
Ferdiansyah Thajib (Director), Nuraini Juliastuti (Co-founder), Antariksa (Co-founder), Syafiatudina (Programme), Brigitta Isabella (Junior Researcher), Rarik Oktaviani (Office Admin), Wok The Rock (Web Admin), Yuli Andari Merdikaningtyas (Library), Hayyu Al Qoyyumi (Assistant Librarian)

Presentation at Kunci by Nuraini Juliastuti (Co-founder)
& Antariksa (Co-founder)

Ruang Mes 56

MES 56 is an artist collective established on February 28, 2002, which is active in the field of photography that emphasizes in the exploratory approach of contemporary photography, both in theory and practice, conceptually and contextually; having the purpose to develop the discourse of contemporary photography sphere in Indonesia. Ruang MES 56 do several programs, which are Exhibition, Artist in residence program , Workshop, and Archiving. All of these programs are carried out by self-financing and with the support from several donors, either from non-profit institution or from commercial company. All of the programs aim to empower the pop-culture society in Indonesia.

Presentation by Ruang MES 56 director, Wimo Bayang


HONF. It starts as a young community, with various backgrounds and ideals. They want to do whatever they wish, but with a natural inclination to create by the spirit of togetherness. There is no ambition to work simply for personal profit. They create for themselves, their family, and their environment. This is the basis for the first actions and commitment between them.
The house of natural fiber, Yogyakarta, is a New Media art laboratory, founded in 1999. They concentrate on the principles of critique and innovation. Since the beginning, the house of natural fiber has consistently focused on cultural development and New Media art, running numerous New Media art projects and workshops. In every project we concentrate on interactivity with people and environments. Thinking forward, positive and creative is becoming a vision for this community. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, they work towards the development of art with technology. This desire to contemplate the future of technology and art, is an important endeavour for the technology itself.

Venzha seeks to have a limitless space in which to experiment various ideas, working to realize his vision. With Irene “Ira” Agrivina, Istasius “Itaz” and Tommy “imot” Surya, he begins to work together, in response to great ideas in their community. Venzha is an interior designer who is technology and UFO maniac. Ira is a fashion designer, who likes reading and writing poetry. Itaz is a graphic-designer, who is a skilled comics artist. Imot is a VJ who working on web and interactivity projects.
The basic idea is to communicate something about New Media that focuses on limitless ideas, neglecting whether outcomes belong to an ‘art’ scene or not. Venzha believes everything can be an art and everyone can make a work of art, with various forms and definitions. It is legal throughout the reason and its responsibility in it. Even though finally Venzha and his community make some works interactivity projects, technology research, media art festival, DIY gathering, workshops, media performances, lecturing, electronic music movement, etc, this is perhaps because of their bargaining position, drawing on from their various supporting backgrounds.
Their concern with the younger community is expressed though the Education Focus Program (EFP), which proposes various workshops for children, and ‘newcomers’ to New Media technologies. It is also simply about sharing a vision, and not neglecting the surroundings one works in. This environment sustains them, as people and as artists, to continue working and living.

Office for Contemporary Art

OFFICE For Contemporary Art (OFCA)  International is an Artists’ initiative founded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by Berlin based curator Astrid Honold, the painters Jumaldi Alfi and Fendry Ekel with the aim to support individual talented artists working in Indonesia and abroad within the international context. The selection of artists reflects the diversity of contemporary art practice, from new developments in painting, sculpture, installation, video and photography and is based on a shared attitude towards art practice and the position of the artist in today’s society. OFCA International is based in Yogyakarta in its own building which houses also artists’ residence and an exhibition with a semi permanent display of its contemporary art collection. With Black Cat Publishing, OFCA International produces art exhibition catalogues and monographs.
The origin of OFCA International begin in 2004 when Astrid Honold after many years of working for international design label Droog Design in Amsterdam, founded Astrid Honold OFFICE and started managing the careers of visual artists. In 2011 she co-founded OFCA International in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Today besides focusing on the career of its artists, the activities of OFCA International is developing art exhibitions, lectures and artist residency program.

Presentation by Fendry Ekel


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